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executive summary

The Company ALTuCELL, Inc. is a pre-clinical cellular engineering and biotech company advancing in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, type 1 insulin dependent and type II. The plan is to apply Altsulin, its patented platform technologies on ultra-purification of alginates and micro encapsulation for islet cell xeno-transplantation of Sertoli cells from pigs to humans. The science of transplanting porcine-derived Sertoli cells into humans is not new and has advanced significantly over the past decade.

Even so, there remains the well-documented obstacle: current methods of encapsulation are inadequate to prevent islet cell rejection and require the patient to undergo immunosuppressive therapy which prevents rejection but also delivers a host of highly undesirable and in some cases non-tolerable side effects.

The advantage of ALTuCELL’s patented encapsulation solution (Altsulin) is the potential to carry out the transplantation without requiring immunosuppressant therapy of transplanting porcine-derived Sertoli cells to drastically reduce or eliminate the need for insulin replacement therapy combined with the ability to carry regimens (see explanatory items on Sertoli cells below). ALTuCELL has secured the patent rights on encapsulation patents originating from this team of researchers at the University of Perugia, Italy, led by Dr. Riccardo Calafiore, M.D.