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Product and Addressable Market: ALTuCELL is focusing on a development path leading to FDA approval of its registered ALTSuLIN Product initially targeting uncomplicated Type 1 Diabetes. When successful, the company will then proceed to target patients with T1DM with secondary complications of the disease (i.e., product initially targeting hypoglycemia unawareness and chronic renal disease etc.). ALTuCELL protocol for these applications alone represents over a billion dollars in annual sales revenue a year. Competitive Field Global research and development into treatments for type 1 diabetes is quite active. While some researchers are focused on human-sourced islet cells unsuccessfully, ALTuCELL is focused on porcine-derived cells, with special regard to Sertoli cells, upon micro-encapsulation.

To date the Company has been funded by Gary Harlem, its founder and CEO. As the Company and the University of Perugia research and development team move to complete their primate studies, there is a need for an additional amount of working capital. The Company is seeking to raise equity capital from private investors or early stage biotech venture capital funding sources.