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Presently ALTuCELL has entered into a pilot study using Altsulin and consisting of large animal models with remarkable success to date, with no harm to the animals, and continuing the study on a larger scale to gear up for publication and proof of efficacy.

4th. Quarter 2013 ALTuCELL setting up an overseas facility to now scale up for a Altsulin human pilot study. This is exciting news, first of it's kind in the world! LOOKING FOR TYPE 1 DIABETICS MEN 25-65 ON INSULIN TO PARTICIPATE IN PROMISING STUDY TO POTENTIALLY REMEDIATE THIS CONDITION, LED BY BOARD CERTIFIED ENDOCRINOLOGISTS. CONTACT ALTUCELL.COM TO PREQUALIFY!

2014-2016...Continuing R&D and pending trials!, along with primate trials. 

 2017- Ist quarter 2018 ... Collaboration with Wake Forest University with on going studies to prepare for entry into Phase 1 Human Pilot Study.